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Go Vintage Chic with DIME and DFW!

Attention all machine embroidery enthusiasts! All of our Discount Fabric Warehouse locations will be offering a special workshop coming in July! We’ll be offering the DIME Vintage Chic event at each of our stores!

Join DIME (Designs in Machine Embroidery) educator, Ashley Jones, at your local Discount Fabric Warehouse store!

Vintage Chic combines the nostalgic look of hand embroidery but with today’s technology. It’s vintage like your great-grandmother’s hand stitched linens but it’s also relevant and popular for today’s fashions. You’ve seen the look at big box retailers— on men’s wear, apparel in bold colors, bright children’s wear, home décor & accessories and souvenirs.

Here are just some of the topics covered at this workshop:


• Hoop everything from a hat to a terrycloth towel
• Discover the industry’s preferred method of placement
• Measure and mark without leaving a trace
• Avoid misplaced embroidery like a pro
• Turn words into artwork
• Edit designs on the fly
• Multiply your stash
• Master continuous embroidery
• Unmask the secrets of embroidery on prints, nubby knits and
smooth satins
• Create bold topstitching
• Learn how to work with heavy thread and duplicate the
popular matte finish
• Create large designs with big impact – minimal color changes
mean fast stitching
• Textured patches just like Ready-Wear


The folks at DIME have been super amazing by tailoring the workshops to help Hawaii embroidery enthusiasts – whether you embroidery as a home business or just for fun – learn about their products through tropical and fun vintage designs! They’ve even written a blog post with more info on what types of projects you’ll be learning about! Click here to visit their blog!

4 hours of amazing embroidery education for only $29! Plus, you’ll get a free gift for registering and a goody bag at the event! (And, in true Discount Fabric Warehouse fashion, we’ll be providing light refreshments for those attending!) There are two sessions at each store for you to choose from!

DIME Vintage Chic | Discount Fabric Warehouse

Ready to register for DIME Vintage Chic? Need more information? Give your local DFW store a call or use our online registration links below! We can’t wait to see you there!

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