Maui Classes

Here you’ll find all of our current and upcoming classes and events. For all classes, space is limited so we encourage you to register well in advance. Please contact the store for more information on any of our classes or events. Registration is in-person only at this time.

Discount Fabric Warehouse | Solaris ClassSOLARIS CLASS
November 13, 2018
3PM - 5PM
Cost: Free
Discount Fabric Warehouse | Sewing Christmas Gift ClassSEWING CHRISTMAS GIFT CLASS
November 17, 2018
2PM - 5PM
Cost: $20
Discount Fabric Warehouse | Embroidery Christmas Gift ClassEMBROIDERY CHRISTMAS GIFT CLASS
November 20, 2018
2PM - 5PM
Cost: $30
Discount Fabric Warehouse | Palette 11 101 ClassPALETTE 11 101 CLASS
Details Coming Soon

If there’s a class you think might be well-received or if you’d like to teach a class at the Maui store, please let us know! If you’d like to teach, you’ll need to come in to the store to see Chris and he can give you all of the info. But, if you just have some class suggestions, please feel free to drop us a line using the contact form on our Maui info page, just make sure you include that it’s an idea for Maui Sewing Classes so we know what you’re talking about! We’d love to hear from you!