Discount Fabric Warehouse | Warehouse Sale 2018

DFW Hilo’s One-Day Bulk Warehouse Sale is Back!

It’s time again for the Discount Fabric Warehouse Bulk Sale!

On Saturday, October 13, 2018, from 9AM – 6PM, we’ll be opening the doors to our “District” Warehouse, normally closed to the public, for our Huge One-Day Bulk Sale!

This isn’t happening at every store. This is only happening at the warehouse across the parking lot from the Hilo Discount Fabric Warehouse store!

For the past several years, we’ve done this sale, with many of you taking the time to come by and check out what we have. Folks save up all year to come and “splurge” on fabrics and notions, along with other “treasures” such as toys, and other fun things that have popped up over the years, and take advantage of the 50% or more savings.

Check out this letter from our fearless leader (store owner), Bill:

Aloha My Sewing Friends!

This year’s Annual BULK Warehouse Sale promises to be the BEST one we have had in a long time! But before I give you some of the details of this ONE DAY event, I want to mention that this sale, as great as it is, is not for everyone. For starters, it is a bulk sale, the min. we will cut is 5 yards. If you find a bolt, roll or flat fold with less than 5 yards, of course you can purchase that smaller amount, but if we cut it, it’s a 5 yard minimum with some fabrics being sold by the entire bolt or roll. This sale is held in our big warehouse normally closed to the public and is not the time to shop if you require a lot of assistance. Staff will be there to help you get your fabric to the register, but no one will be available to help you match thread colors, etc. Not the general great service that you would expect from our store on a daily basis – this is a warehouse sale. Although there will be items offered not found in the store, not everything that is in the store is in the warehouse.

Now that that’s out of the way, I am super EXCITED to tell you what is different about this year’s sale! For starters there is a huge group of fabric priced at $1 a yd! Lots of solids, prints, many heavier weights, 44″- 60″ and some fashion goods – these all will be on bolts, rolls, and and flat folds, and normally would sell for 3.99 to $10.99 yd! (we’re not done pulling fabrics for the sale yet, but there will be 100’s to choose from!)

Notion Commotion! Lots of fun and exciting notions all priced to disappear! Who knows what you’ll find?

50% off on bulk purchases (min 5 yd cut) of muslin, canvas, home decor, cotton prints, rayon, ITY, polyester, cotton lawn, eyelet, pre-quilted, rice bag print, fleece, fashion, and home decorfabrics – including tropical prints. It’s like many of you have come to expect in past years, but this year’s selection is better! We have lots of great new items including batiks, home décor including large rolls of curtain and drapery fabric, fish net (great for bags, cover ups and more) in lots of colors and styles.
Bulk notions are back with bags of buttons, bulk zippers at 5/$1, bulk lace trim and more! Lots of new surprise treasures! All price to clear fast!

I hope you will come by on Saturday, October 13th and help us clear our warehouse. I’m letting so much go, so low, lower than past sales, that hopefully we will sell the warehouse inventory down to where we won’t be able to have this sale this next year! Be part of one Last Great Crazy One Day Only Bulk Warehouse Sale!


P.S. Bring your “big”car, van, SUV, or truck you might need the room! See you then!

If you have any questions about our warehouse sale, please e-mail No, we can’t tell you exactly what will be on sale, nor can we tell you whether or not there will be a specific fabric on sale, but we can give you general information if you need it.
See you Saturday!