DFW Hilo: Days For Girls

Discount Fabric Warehouse – Hilo is happy to welcome Days for Girls! We’ve opened up our classroom for this wonderful organization to have their monthly meetings.

Days for Girls Monthly Meetings

First Tuesday of Every Month starting February 06, 2018

9AM – Noon

They welcome volunteers to meet and help put together kits! Come and see what this project is all about!

What is Days for Girls? Their vision is simple:

Hygiene solutions are a little thing that becomes a big thing quickly, when millions of women and girls suddenly have what they need to stay in school, pursue opportunity, and succeed.

Days for Girls envisions a world where menstruation is no longer a source of shame and taboo. Through volunteers, through enterprises, and through public and private partnerships, Days for Girls is working to shift how women and girls see themselves and are seen by their communities. We offer girls and women with new life choices and spur narrative change, through providing sustainable hygiene solutions, health education, and income-generation opportunities.

 There are a lot of things that are hard to change in the world. This isn’t one of them. Join with us, and show what’s possible when we work together on behalf of women and girls. (daysforgirls.org)

For more information on how you can help, join them for their monthly meeting or send us an e-mail at fabricdfw@gotfabric.om with the subject “Days for Girls” and we’ll pass on the message!