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Baby Lock Serge-A-Thon | Discount Fabric Warehouse

Baby Lock Serge-A-Thon – Sew For Charity!

April is National Serger Month and on Saturday, April 29, 2017, all of our Discount Fabric Warehouse stores will be hosting a Baby Lock Serge-A-Thon!

Come in and learn more about the amazing Baby Lock sergers that we carry in our stores and take them for a spin while learning how to make a simple pillow case – for free! As part of the Serge-A-Thon, we’re participating in American Patchwork & Quilting’s Million Pillow Case Challenge to make pillow cases that will be donated to charities in our communities. All of the pillow cases made during the Serge-A-Thon will be donated and included in the Pillow Case Challenge!

By coming in to one of our Discount Fabric Warehouse stores and taking part in our Serge-A-Thon, not only will you be learning more about these fabulous sergers that we have in stock, you’ll also be helping a charity in your local community! It’s a great way to give as well as learn!

Not able to make it in to our Serge-A-Thon but still want to help? There are other ways for you to contribute! 1) Drop off a fabric donation (100% cotton, in prints and lengths suitable for making pillow cases) to any of our DFW stores by Thursday, April 28, 2017. 2) Bring in completed pillow cases (standard pillow size, please!) to our stores between Friday, April 29, 2017 and Monday, May 01, 2017 for inclusion in the Pillow Case Challenge! Pillow cases don’t have to be made on a serger – you can use a regular sewing machine.

For more information about the Baby Lock Serge-A-Thon or National Serger Month, visit If you have any questions regarding the Serge-A-Thons at any of our DFW stores, please contact the store nearest you!

Anita Goodesign Remember When Embroidery Party | Discount Fabric Warehouse

Anita Goodesign Remember When Embroidery Party

For our first event of the year, we’re throwing it back to the ’80s! Or maybe the ’70s. Maybe further back? Regardless, join us on Kauai for an Anita Goodesign Remember When Embroidery Party!

When:  May 06 & 07, 2017
Where:  Hilton Garden Inn – Kauai
Time:  9AM – 4PM each day
Cost:  $99 for both days!
Here’s what you can expect from this event:


This fun event will be led by a Anita Goodesign instructor and national embroidery expert, Sandra West, and be full of projects, demos, prizes, food, and more! We provide an amazing Baby Lock embroidery machine for you to use during the event as well as all of the materials and supplies you’ll need to complete the projects! Snacks and Lunch will be provided for all participants on both days, so you won’t go hungry!

What makes this different from an Anita Goodesign workshop that may be offered in our stores? Well, for one, you’re not only working on one project, but a whole bunch of them! From trolls to diamonds, ice cream sundaes, to fuzzy dice, there’s something that will catch your eye!
There are projects from each of the decades and you get to help decide what to work on!
 It’s also a hands-on interactive event on a grand scale!
While we only have space for a limited amount of folks in our in-store workshops, the more the merrier at this event! This is team-based learning at its finest – you’ll get to meet new people and share your embroidery projects and tips and tricks. Not only that, this is two full days of fun hands-on interactive embroidery education and inspiration taught by leading machine embroidery art specialists!
So we’re not just talking a project or two and then you’ll be left to your own devices. This is total embroidery immersion.

There are SEW many perks when you attend our Remember When Embroidery Party! You’ll be going home with a printed tutorial book with step-by-step instructions for multiple projects we learn about, as well as a design CD with over 40 designs – more than ever! You’ll also receive special pricing on all products at the event and get to see some sneak peeks of new collections we have coming out. It’s a great chance to experience embroidery with hands-on learning while having a TON of fun!

Register early and receive a FREE GIFT! All Early Birds will receive an exclusive Anita Goodesign Paisley design disc. 14 paisley designs in various sizes that you won’t be able to get anywhere else! It’s a special Thank You to those who sign up early!

Come explore and learn about embroidery over the past 100 years – techniques and styles from various decades. You’ll even get a chance to give input on what you want to learn!
Space is limited, so sign up today! You don’t even have to live on Kauai to attend! Want to hop on over from another island, state, or even country? We’d love to have you join us! Invite a friend who may be interested! It’s going to be a fun and crazy weekend!

For more information or to register, please contact the Kauai store.

DFW Kauai | Vote Now!

The Discount Fabric Warehouse Kauai store needs your help! Voting has begun to determine the winner of their Sewing Challenge! Here’s a note from Erika, the store manager:

We finished the first sewing challenge in the Kauai store. All the ladies showed off their wonderful creations. They all used the same pattern to make different dresses and one even made a top. Please help us by coming to the store and voting for your favorite. The first prize winner will receive a $25 gift card. The second prize winner will receive a $10 gift card. If you are in one of the other stores and would like to put in your vote please email Erika at If you want to join the next sewing challenge series stay tuned.
And here are the entries:
Lynette Troutner

Lynette Troutner

Alma Rosa-Tamashiro

Alma Rosa-Tamashiro

Diane Foulks

Diane Foulks

Leilani I-Lovell

Leilani I-Lovell

Dawn Peterson

Dawn Peterson

Joanne Watson

Joanne Watson











Click on the Thumbnail to view a larger image. Vote now! Voting ends on February 11!

Discount Fabric Warehouse + Dress A Girl Around the World!

Discount Fabric Warehouse + Dress A Girl Around the World!

Remember the last time you got a new dress? It didn’t matter if it was fancy or simple. All that mattered was the way it made you feel when you put it on. Pretty, feminine, and, dare we say, girly. But there are many girls of all ages around the world that may never have that experience. Many who will only receive hand me downs from older siblings or maybe too-large or battered clothing. Girls who may never know what it feels to get a new dress.

Dress A Girl Around the World looks to change that. They believe that every girl should have at least one new dress in their lifetime and to pass on the message that they are worthy of respect. Since 2008, Dress A Girl Around the World has distributed over 500,000 handmade dresses to girls in 82 countries, including communities in the United States. Thousands of girls in need and at risk of human traffickers or sexual predators have been empowered by the fact that someone out there thinks they are worth giving a new dress to.

Discount Fabric Warehouse wants to be a part of that. We are working with the East and West Hawaii Ambassadors for Dress A Girl Around the World to collect completed handmade dresses that will be distributed by DAG to girls around the world.

How can you help? By creating a simple sundress for donation. Instructions, as well as tips, tricks, and guidelines, on how to make a dress can be found on the Dress A Girl website. While they appreciate any donation that comes through, there are guidelines that they would like dresses to follow so that they are appropriate for girls all over the world as well as last a long time.

Drop off your completed dress at any of our Discount Fabric Warehouse locations. They’ll be asking for your name and either a phone number or e-mail where you can be contacted. A Dress A Girl Around the World label will be added to the dresses before they are sent to the national headquarters for distribution.

Unable to donate a dress? There are other ways for you to contribute!

For those at any Discount Fabric Warehouse location, you can also give a monetary donation. We will add your donation to a gift card which our local Dress A Girl ambassadors can use towards purchasing fabric, bias tape, and other materials needed to make additional dresses. Your name and mailing address will be requested so that they can send you a letter thanking you for your tax-deductible donation.

Our Hilo and Kona stores are also collecting donations of fabric. We follow Dress A Girl Around the World guidelines when accepting fabric donations, which limit donations to the following:

  • 100% Cotton or Poly/Cotton fabrics (preferably with more cotton than polyester)
  • No white or thin fabrics (such as gingham) – You can check the fabric to see if it’s appropriate by holding it up to a light and seeing if you are able to clearly see the light through the fabric. Many of the girls receiving dresses have darker skin.
  • Avoid fabric that has: Americana/patriotic; Halloween (skulls, pumpkins, ghosts); obvious Christmas (Santa, snowmen; though red/green holly or pine/berry patterns ok); Disney or any character fabric (Cinderella, SpongeBob, Star Wars etc); or any printed English words.

As of the end of November 2017, the group of sewist who typically meet on Sundays in the Discount Fabric Warehouse – Hilo classroom will no longer be meeting for the forseeable future.

Dress kits will still be available for pick up at the Hilo store (if available) and you are also able to drop off completed dresses. Monetary and fabric donations, as well as dress kit donations are welcome.

If you’d like more information, please contact Jen, the East Hawaii Ambassador at

There are two groups of wonderful folks who meet on the Kona/Waikoloa side of the island to put together kits for Dress A Girl Around the World dresses or sew them on the spot for donation!
Kona meets at the Living Stones Church on Ali’i Drive on Mondays from 1:00-4:00.
Waikoloa meets at the  Waikoloa Community Room on Wednesdays from 11:30-3:30.
Not able to make it to the meetings, but would like to contribute anyway? Donations are always welcome! DFW gift cards and suitable materials to make the dresses can be dropped off at Discount Fabric Warehouse or by contacting Dress A Girl!
For more information email Lynn, the West Hawaii DAG Ambassador, at

If you have any questions regarding Dress A Girl Around the World, how to donate, or anything else related to our donation drive, please feel free to e-mail us at or visit the Dress A Girl Around the World website. Thank you for your help in allowing us to give back to our global community!


Christmas Mailer Headed Your Way!

Our final mailer of the year will be heading your way this coming week! Amazing last minute Christmas gifts for your loved ones (or even yourself!) are included in this two sided mailing. Machines, stocking stuffers, and lots more! Even better – it runs from now until Saturday, December 24, 2016 – so you can shop right up until Christmas Eve! (But don’t wait too long, supplies are limited of many items and we all know how quickly the best stuff goes!)

Not a VIC member? Make sure you sign up by going in to one of our Discount Fabric Warehouse stores – it’s free to join! That way you’ll get our E-blast newsletters weekly and our mailers that we send out multiple times a year.

Here are the specials for you to take a look at before heading out to our stores!

bill-dec-23-final-high-res-page-001 bill-dec-41-2016-rev-12-2-page-001

Already a VIC member and not getting our mailers? If you let us know that you didn’t get the November mailer, don’t worry about it. The mailers were just a little too close for our systems to update and we weren’t able to get all corrections in before this mailer was sent out. Your info has been updated and should be caught up by the next time we send out a mailer. If you got the November mailer but not this one, the postal service may be running a bit behind, it is the holidays. If you didn’t get either one and you didn’t let us know that you’ve moved or your address has changed, or maybe you just want to make sure your information is correct, e-mail us at with your name, mailing address, and updated mailing address (if applicable). We’ll get that updated for you.

Discount Fabric Warehouse Holiday Mailer

November Mailer Heading Your Way!

Are you signed up as a member of our VIC program? If we have your mailing address, then our first Holiday mailer of the season should be heading your way this week! Keep a look out in your mail box for it! But, so you can get a little head start on your list, we’re letting you get a sneak peek now!

nov-2016-41-page-001 nov-p-2-3-page-001

Like all of our sales and specials, you’ll need to be a VIC member to take advantage of these amazing prices! But don’t worry, it’s free! You can sign up at check out at any of our Discount Fabric Warehouse stores.

If you are a VIC member and did not receive your mailer by Friday, November 18, 2016, please e-mail us at with your name and the mailing address it should have gone to. If you’ve recently moved (or not recently, but just didn’t tell us you changed your address) your mailer will have gone to whatever address we have on file for you. If you’d like to update your address, please contact us as well. Make sure we have your name as well as your previous and current addresses so we can verify that we are updating the correct record.

Halloween Costume Contest 2016

The Entry Period for the 2016 Halloween Costume Contest has ended! Please visit our Discount Fabric Warehouse Facebook page to vote for your favorite costumes!

It’s back! We’re once again having our Halloween Costume Contest! There have been a few changes, but they were all made to make this easier for you! Last year, we had such a great response, we couldn’t wait to let you know about this year’s contest!

Here’s the rundown:

There will be three (3) categories:  Keiki, Adult, and Pets. Here’s where the bulk of our changes come. Make sure you read all of the guidelines before you enter.

  • All costumes must be at least 75% homemade. The purpose of this contest is to show off your sewing, embroidery, and quilting skills, not to see who can buy the best costume.
  • 75% of the materials must have been purchased at one of our Discount Fabric Warehouse locations. In your description, please note what you purchased at DFW and how the materials were used.
  • Costume must have been made for Halloween 2016. Costumes for Cosplay conventions, previous Halloween costumes, and costume party costumes cannot be entered.
  • If entering the Keiki category, the child wearing the costume must be 17 years old or younger.

Have you noticed that we went for a more traditional route this year? Feedback from last year noted that having pictures of kids in the Adult category confused many people. So we decided to do it this way this year. We know when to admit we didn’t get it right the first time.


You may enter more than one costume. We encourage it if you are making costumes for different people.

How To Enter

**The submission period has ended. Please watch for our costume contest coming back in September 2017!**

The Prizes

There will be three places for each category:

  • 1st place will receive a Discount Fabric Warehouse gift certificate valued at $100
  • 2nd place will receive a Discount Fabric Warehouse gift certificate valued at $50
  • 3rd place will receive a Discount Fabric Warehouse gift certificate valued at $25

Gift certificates are only valid in our 4 Discount Fabric Warehouse locations and are not usable on Got Fabric, our online fabric store.

For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at with the subject “Halloween Costume Contest.”

Happy Sewing and Creating!

One-Day Only! Warehouse Bulk Sale! | DFW Hilo

The warehouse doors are opening…

It’s time again for the Discount Fabric Warehouse Bulk Sale!

On Saturday, October 08, 2016 (Yes, we’ve moved it back to Iron Man Weekend), from 9AM – 6PM, we’ll be opening the doors to our “District” Warehouse, normally closed to the public, for our Huge One-Day Bulk Sale!

This isn’t happening at every store. This is only happening at the warehouse across the parking lot from the Hilo Discount Fabric Warehouse store!

For the past several years, we’ve done this sale, with many of you taking the time to come by and check out what we have. Folks save up all year to come and “splurge” on fabrics and notions, along with other “treasures” such as toys, pareos, and other fun things that have popped up over the years, and take advantage of the 50% or more savings.
Each year, we take some time to decide whether or not this is going to be the year that we don’t do the warehouse sale. And each year we find a reason to keep doing it. This sale takes us a week to prepare for and then two days to clean up after, so it’s no small feat for us to be able to do this. However, seeing the smiles on the faces of customers when they score a great deal on fabric they’ve been waiting for or hearing their stories of how much the sale means to them and their business, makes us want to offer this event again.

There are huge discounts to be taken advantage of! Many of our prices at the sale are going to be at wholesale or below! You can save 50% or more on some of the items on sale. Fabrics are as low as $1 a yard! But keep in mind that this sale may not be for everyone. All fabric will be sold with a minimum cut of 5 yards, and some items will be sold only by the full bolt or roll. However, if you need yardage, this sale is for you!

Here’s a partial list of some of the awesome deals that you may find if you join us:
* Huge group of fabric priced at $1 a yd! Lots of solids, some prints, many heavier weights, 44″- 60″ and some fashion goods ,, these all will be on bolts and rolls and normally would sell for $4.99 to $10.99 yd! ( not done pulling but there will be 100’s to choose from!)
* Patterns for $1!
*Notion commotion ! We have an eclectic mix of bamboo handles, home dec grommets, patches, etc. originally priced to $12.99 that will disappear for $1 each.
* 50% off on bulk purchases (min 5 yd cut) of muslin, canvas, home decor, cotton prints, rayon, ITY, polyester, cotton lawn, eyelet, pre-quilted, rice bag print, fleece, fashion, home decor fabrics including tropical prints!
* Bulk notions are back with bags of buttons, bulk zippers 5/$1, bulk lace trim and more!
* A new collection storage boxes, cards, lights, sewing machine accessories, software, embroidery design cards and disks, thread sets, some strange things!

This year we’re also including the Inspira Studio collection from ClosetMaid! To be blunt, these quality sewing furniture pieces were expensive, made more so by the added freight charge for delivery to Hawaii.  One day only 50% off reg price! No additional charge for shipping! Come check it out! This could be your sewing studio! We have in stock the Thread cabinet, mat and hoop cabinet, 3 drawer supply cabinet, fabric cabinet, all of which can be used individual or stacked to your preference. (Well designed to easily bolt together to be super strong when complete) we also have the activity table and the mobile notions cart ( on wheels) to complete your dream sewing studio! This is a ONE DAY opportunity – our prices are close to half of what you would pay after shipping if you ordered online! You can pick up at the sale or pay and we will tag and hold for you (delivery available for a small fee). See the photo below for the pieces that are available!



This is only a partial list! There’s much more to be discovered at our Bulk Sale!

Please understand that this sale is only at the Hilo Warehouse, and not at any of the other stores and limited to the stock on hand, no rain checks, no tomorrow – One Day Only! (We unfortunately cannot hold fabrics, give prices over the phone, or do stock checks during the event for warehouse sale specific items. Fabric is first come, first served. So come early for the best selection as things go fast!)

If you’d like more information on our Bulk Sale, please contact the Hilo store or send us an e-mail at
See you there!

It’s National Sewing Month!

September is National Sewing Month and all of our Discount Fabric Warehouse stores are having demos and workshops all month long!

Check out our listings and come by your nearest store! If you have any questions about any of the demos, workshops, or classes, please contact the respective store.

And if you’d like to celebrate National Sewing Month along with us, send us a photo of your favorite sewing project, a current UFO, or anything else sewing related! We’d love to see your projects, your sewing room, anything you’d like to share! Just e-mail them to us at


Celebrate in Hilo!



QUILT IN THE HOOP – See how to do a quilt block with an embroidery machine

  • September 12, 14, 17, 2016 – 10AM

Shoe Bag Demo | Discount Fabric Warehouse Hilo 100_0639

SHOE BAG – Taking a trip? Ideal for packing your footwear!

  • September 19, 21, 2016  at 10:00 am
  • September 24, 2016  at 2:00pm

Make It Take It


POCKET TISSUE HOLDER – Don’t know what to do with all your leftover scraps?  Here’s an easy project that you can make with a Serger or Sewing machine.  Ideal for stocking stuffer, a cute Thank You gift.

  • Throughout the month of September!
  • **FREE**


Celebrate in Kona!


  • September 12, 2016 – Noon and throughout the afternoon
ACCESSORIES FOR BABY:  Waterproof fabric and Wicking possibilities
  • September 13, 2016 – Noon
 TIPS FOR SEWING ON LEATHER (free bag pattern handout at demo)
  • September 16, 2016 – Noon
MACHINE SHIRRING – Like those stretchy elastic tops? That’s SHIRRING!
  • September 19, 2016 – Noon

QUICK FABRIC SCRAP QUILT BLOCKS – How to turn fabric scraps to quilt blocks VERY quickly with a serger!

  • September 20, 2016 – Noon
Sit N Sew – These classes are informal, 30-minutes or less, and (unless otherwise noted) free!
QUICK ZIPPERED POUCH – Great for organizing your bag or giving as gifts!
  • September 14, 2016 – Noon
  • $4 Kit Fee


  • September 23, 2016 – Noon



  • September 25, 2016 – 12PM to 3PM
  • $15 + PreCut Kit

National Sewing Month | Discount Fabric Warehouse Kona


  • September 30, 2016 – 10AM to 5PM
  • $25 + supplies (Uses Butterick B5662)



Celebrate on Maui!



  • September 17, 2016 – Noon


  • September 21, 2016 – 4PM


  • September 26, 2016 – Noon


  • September 29, 2016 – 4:30PM

Make It Take It



  • September 12 – 16, 2016 – 10AM to 2PM
  • **FREE**





  • September 10, 2016 – 3:30PM
  • $5 Kit Fee


  • September 23, 2016
  • $5 Kit Fee


DFW VIC Sizzling Summer Mailer!

If you’re a VIC member, you should have gotten your Sizzling Summer Sale mailer in your mail box recently. (If you haven’t gotten it by the end of the week or have changed your mailing address since the last time a mailer went out, please e-mail us at with your name and address so we can have that updated for you!)

This sale is amazing! Machines, fabric, notions, patterns, lights, and more are on sale NOW! It’s a store-wide sale and you’re not going to want to miss out! We even have a make & take available for you!

Here’s a sneak peek at the fabulous mailer! Click on the image to be taken to the larger PDF version.

Discount Fabric Warehouse | VIC Summer Mailer Outside

Discount Fabric Warehouse | VIC Summer Mailer Inside

**Please note that to take part in any of the sale prices, you will need to sign up to be a VIC member, but don’t worry, it’s free! See any sales clerk for details!