Baby Lock Love of Sewing Month: Today’s Project

Hi Friends!

Baby Lock has been having some major fun on their site! Each day this month, they’ll be sharing a new fun project! What we’re going to do is share that project with all of you here on our site.

Each day, we’ll be posting the new project here in this post. And then, the following day, the old post will get moved to our Blog and the new project will be posted. That way, you’ll be able to look back at the other projects without having to hunt for them.

If you give any of these projects a whirl, please be sure to share them with us either through E-mail at or by posting them on our Facebook page, tagging us on Instagram, or sending us a Tweet through Twitter.

Baby projects are always a lot of fun! They’re cute, easy to make, and there are always so many options! Want to make a baby bib using a serger? This project is perfect for you!

baby bib

 Join us tomorrow for another fun project!